The MTEX Lifter was specially-designed to handle fire-rated IMP’s, which can be much heavier and thicker than ordinary panels.

  • Supports thick roofing panels up to 40 ft long, or regular panels up to 63 ft long.
  • Supports wall panels up to 70 ft long
  • Remote Control-ready (separate add-on)
  • Adjustable pads & frame for varying load sizes
  • Intelli-GripĀ® Technology – computerized controls
  • Dual Vacuum System – CE compliance

Spec Sheet

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The go-to lifter for heavy, fire-rated panels.
This lifter has an impressive max capacity of 1,200 lbs!

1,200 lb*



Mobile Battery Power

63 ft*

Up to 63′ roof panels

120 / 240v

Available Chargers

*With extension arms and 8-pad frame. Thicker panels reduce max length, contact WPG for support.