Lifting your expectations

Insulated Metal Panels (IMP’s) are an increasingly popular building material. But handling them can be unruly when using traditional methods like slings, hooks, and bolts. 

With the power of vacuum, suction cup lifters make short work of installation – without damaging or marring panels.



The Best Way to Lift and Install IMP’s

Traditionally, wall panels were drilled, bolted to a bar, and then hoisted into place. Once a panel was installed, the bar would be removed and the holes filled and repaired. 

For the roof, slings were used to move and install panels in place. These slings warped and bent the edges of the panels.

The edges then had to be bent by hand back into shape so that they could attach to each other.

Issues like these have begun to rapidly move the industry to adopt vacuum lifters.

IMP Handling has a variety of lifters available for your construction and installation needs.

Insulated Metal Panel Lifter - MTCL

The cladding series

Panel Chanel Lifter

The “Panel Channel”


The Panel Channel is an agile lifter capable of handling many commonly sized wall panels. It is also ideal for shorter roof panels and cold storage panels.


Panel Master Lifter with Roof Extensions

the “Panel Master”


The Panel Master can handle a large variety of sizes thanks to its optional extension arms and additional suction pads. It’s our jack-of-all-trades lifter!


Cladding Lifter

The “Cladding lifter”


The Cladding Lifter handles most wall and roofing panels with ease. It’s also ideal for “flipping” panels, readying them for installation.


Heavy, Fire-rated Panel Lifter


The MTEX lifter is perfect for heavy, fire-rated insulated metal panels, boasting impressive high capacity.



Brooks Reierson

“Flipping these 500 pound panels would be a four-man job, and with the Cladding Lifter it was a two-man job.”

Forest Fox

“We were whipping them out at four minutes a panel.”

Ryan Faulkner

“We usually have to sling them, and they usually bend the sheet when they do it the old way. With the suction cups, we can just set them right where they need to be and it’s so much faster.”

Brooks Reierson

“Being able to cut the crews down, because of the ease of installation, I think that the Wood’s Powr-Grip [lifter] would have paid for itself in one job. Easy.”